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Landscaping   Infrastructure  


Our forefathers (TOCEG, Technical Operations and Contracting of Egypt Inc. and ECMI, Egyptian Co. For Contracting and Modern Irrigation) have led the execution of several projects across Egypt. Not only have they contributed new technologies to modern irrigation system, but also to the betterment of Egyptian society.


ZULFIKAR LTD is the continuation of this incredible legacy, with a new team of talents and a fresh vision that will not only honor our history, but pave the way to innovative and exciting prospects.


Acres of Integrated Land Reclamation 


Residential Property Integrated Landscaping Design and/or Installation


Operation & Maintenance Contracts for Green Areas, Irrigation Systems & Water Pump Stations


Golf Courses Design & Installation

Our history includes

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ministry of water 740x555.jpg
sodic 740x555.jpg
the allegria 740x555.jpg
Estadat 3.jpg
ca 740x555.jpg
beverly hills 740x555.jpg
le lido 740x555.jpg
singapore Mod.jpg
city club 740x555.jpg
fao 740x555.jpg
orange lakes 740x555.jpg
amiral 740x555.jpg
palm hills 740x555.jpg
chipsy 740x555.jpg
cfm 740x555.jpg
sonker 740x555.jpg
canada 740x555.jpg
sunset valley 740x555.jpg
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